Sinus infections can be an extremely annoying and common condition. Studies show that an average of 35 million Americans get sinus infections at least once a year.  Luckily these type of infections are not very serious in terms of their ability to harm you long-term.  However, they can affect and restrict your daily activities because they cause discomfort, pain, mental cloudiness and in general, can make any activity you do more difficult and strenuous.

What is a sinus infection?

Medical Image of infected sinus.

A sinus infection, also known by its proper name sinusitis, occurs when the tissues lining the sinuses becomes inflamed and swells up. Sinuses that are not infected are filled with air. However, if your sinuses get blocked for any reason, your sinuses can fill up with fluid and mucus. This stops the normal function of the sinus itself.  As a result of this, the sinuses become a prime target for infection by bacteria and other pathogens which then can cause a sinus infection.


If sinus infections affect the sinuses, what do they have to do with our dental health?

The answer is quite simple. An ailment in one part of the body can easily cause problems in other parts of the body. On top of that, the sinuses and teeth are both located quite close to each other in the head. Luckily, it seems that sinus infections don’t cause a myriad of serious dental issues such as cavities or root canals.

However, since sinus infections result in blockages and inflammation of the sinus, they have a tendency to cause pressure buildup in the face.  This symptom of sinus infections can often cause discomfort and some dull pain in the upper front teeth.  It is usually not a serious or long-term condition as long as you can get your sinus infection treated but it can be somewhat alarming and annoying.  

As long as you confirm that this pain is from a sinus infection and get it handled properly, you should have no problems!

If you think you may have a sinus infection or have any pains in your mouth at all, please give us a call here at Gables Sedation & Family Dentistry. It would be our pleasure to help return you to proper health!