Zoom Whitening is an increasingly popular in-office procedure for professional teeth whitening. The short time frame for results is attractive to many patients as they aim to achieve their brightest smile. Color is enhanced in less than one hour.

Although the rapid effects of Zoom Teeth Whitening incentivize treatment, there is more sensitivity for a couple of days post-treatment and some eating and drinking habits that should be adhered to.

Along with sensitivity, the teeth are especially prone to absorption after the treatment.

  • Avoid eating that would stain a white shirt
  • Be especially critical of your food choices in the first 48 hours after Zoom
  • Brush immediately after eating that you fear could leave a stain

What to eat after Zoom Whitening:

  • Alcohol: Vodka, gin or white wine. Mix with water, tonic or clear soda
  • Beverages: water, tonic, milk
  • Breakfast: Cream of wheat, egg whites, pancakes
  • Carbs: White bread, flour tortillas, crackers
  • Condiments: Mayo, white gravy, sour cream
  • Fruits and Veggies: apples, banana, peeled pear, cauliflower, coconut
  • Main dishes: turkey, white fish, canned chicken, skinless chicken breasted, grilled cheese (white cheddar or mozzarella), pasta with while sauce
  • Sides: Plain pasta, baked or mashed potato, white rice
  • Snacks: Vanilla or plain yogurt, cottage cheese, white cheeses, vanilla pudding

Foods and drinks to avoid after Zoom Whitening:

  • Berries
  • Coffee, colored juices, soda, red wine
  • Colored juices
  • Colored lipstick
  • Colored toothpaste gels
  • Red pasta sauce, soy sauce, ketchup
  • Soda
  • Tobacco

Teeth whitening is a rewarding way to make the most out of your smile. Come in to Gables Sedation & Family Dentistry for the most comfortable and expert Zoom Whitening Miami. We look forward to bringing you into your brightest smile, yet!