A chipped tooth is a common problem for people to experience as a result of dental trauma, injury, or dentist error. For children, a broken or chipped tooth is something that comes and goes since they are able to grow new, adult teeth. A child’s broken tooth is not much to worry about and can be easily repaired at home with DIY techniques.

However, for adults having a chipped tooth can cause a variety of problems including worsening your overall dental health, preventing comfortable eating, causing pain or even a loss of self-confidence.

If pain accompanies your chipped tooth (as an adult or a child), start the repair process immediately.

Here are 4 simple solutions for how to fix a chipped tooth:

      1. Bonding

A chipped tooth can usually be fixed with bonding. Dentists commonly recommend this procedure for chipped tooth repair in cases where the tooth chip is small and uncomplicated. Even though it is one of the most common dental procedures for correcting a chipped tooth, your dentist may have to first disturb the enamel to create a more natural looking shape.

      2. Veneers

If you suffer from a cracked tooth that creates a cosmetic problem you may want to choose veneers. The restorative porcelain covers can restore any surface of the tooth from the front to the back teeth. Able to create a natural look, veneers commonly last between 10-20 years according to clinical trials.

      3. Crowns

Also a type of porcelain cover for chipped teeth, crowns work to cover the surface of your tooth. In the case where a veneer does not work to correct the issue, a crown can cover just the forward facing part of your tooth to restore the original appearance of the tooth’s surface. This is the best-known way to handle chipped front tooth repair.

      4. Implants

Chipped front tooth repair is a slightly more complicated issue, and for this reason, it may be harder to heal. Clearly more visible to other people, frontal teeth may require implants in order to regain an attractive bite. A popular procedure for chipped front tooth repair, implants are something you can talk to an experienced dentist about for more information.


Talking to a Dentist About Your Chipped Tooth

One of the most effective ways to stop a chipped tooth is to reduce the risk of damage. To do this, eliminate things in your diet that contribute tooth decay like eating acidic foods and drinking sugary beverages. You may also need to quit bad habits like teeth grinding, over chewing, and participating in activities that can cause dental trauma.

If you are suffering from a chipped tooth, symptoms like pain, swelling and bacterial buildup over time, it may take time to get a dental appointment, so you should call as soon as possible. Rely on this guide for how to fix a chipped tooth, and don’t despair, the solution is easier and quicker than you may think.

Just remember, after you try to fix a chipped tooth with one of these solutions, call your dentist and talk about a more permanent option for your problem. If you are not comfortable with fixing chipped tooth on your own hook, reach out to us at Gables Sedation Dentistry, and make an appointment, today!