Having a beautiful smile is one of the keys to happiness. Braces help realign teeth and fix the gaps between them, giving you properly aligned teeth and an amazing smile. However, many people ask themselves how to brush and floss with braces.

Flossing with braces at first may seem nearly impossible, but it becomes easier with time and practice. Below are some tips and tricks on how to floss with braces.

Why It’s Important to Know How to Brush and Floss With Braces

Flossing is a vital habit for your oral hygiene. Many people say that they brush their teeth every day, but not all consider flossing. Little do they know that flossing is one of the most important factors for having your teeth clean with smaller possibilities of getting cavities.

Due to the difficulty of flossing and cleaning with braces on, many are opting for Invisalign instead of the conventional braces – we’ll talk about this later in the article.

Once you get your braces fitted, your dentist will give you clear instructions on how to floss teeth with braces, so you’ll be able to maintain the highest level of hygiene. This is important because food debris and plaque can build up around braces. Once you learn how to brush and floss with braces, you’ll be able to maintain oral health and have a perfect smile.

How to Brush and Floss With Braces the Right Way

Beautiful Smiling Girl With Retainer for Teeth Brushing Teeth .

People who have never had braces think there’s no difference in brushing and flossing with or without them. The truth is that everything is different, no matter how simple the activity might seem. Brushing teeth with braces is less complicated than flossing, but there are still a couple of things you need to be aware of to keep your teeth completely clean.

The first thing about brushing your teeth with braces is that you’ll need to spend a bit more time brushing with braces than without them. You’ll need to take things a bit slower.

The main difference compared to regular brushing is that you’ll need to position your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums so you’ll get to all the parts behind the braces. Once you get rubber bands on braces, it becomes even more difficult to brush your teeth properly.

You’ll need to focus on both the front and back of your teeth more, which means you’ll need to spend more time brushing than what you’re used to. 

After brushing, you’ll need to know how to floss with braces as well because it’s a crucial part of keeping your teeth healthy while wearing braces. Flossing is much more complicated with braces, but it’s not impossible. You’ll need to practice for a while until you get the hang of it, but once you do, it’ll go much faster than you think.

Because flossing with braces is more complex, we’ll divide the process into a few tips and tricks.

Use a Floss Threader

If you want to know how to floss your teeth with braces faster and easier, the answer is simple – use a floss threader that will help you position the floss behind the wires.

A floss threader is a specifically designed tool to thread the floss behind the wires which will let you floss your teeth properly. Trying to thread the floss by hand will take too long, and you’ll be spending hours every day trying to floss between all your teeth.

Once you place the floss behind the wire, you should floss your teeth like you normally would – gently moving the floss back and forth, removing all the lodged food and plaque from the teeth.

Use Only Waxed Floss

The reason why waxed floss is recommended is that it glides easier between teeth. The same applies when flossing between teeth and braces so it’s less likely the floss will get stuck.

Waxed floss is also more durable than regular floss which makes it a better choice when flossing with braces.

Invest in a Waterpik

Using a Waterpik to floss is much faster and easier than using regular floss. A Waterpik works by using a steady water supply to clean the teeth and underneath your gum line. Because of the effectiveness of the Waterpik, you will only need three to five minutes of flossing. It is one of the fastest ways on how to floss teeth with braces.

The Waterpik costs around $50 but you can find more expensive models with additional features.

Try to Floss After Every Meal

Even though it won’t be possible to floss after every single meal you have, it’s a good idea to have your floss and floss threader with you at all times. 

Having braces makes it much easier for plaque to build up and for food debris to stay unnoticed even if you brush your teeth after every meal.

Invisalign Is the Best Alternative to Braces

Dental Invisible Braces or Silicone Trainer in the Hands of a Young Smiling Girl.

Due to the inconveniences that braces cause, many people choose Invisalign as the second option. Invisalign offers the same results as braces, except that it’s made from crystal clear plastics which makes it almost invisible to see. This is a benefit for those who do not like the look of conventional braces on their teeth.

Unlike conventional braces, you can remove Invisalign whenever you need to. However, you should know that you need to wear it 15-20 hours a day.

Invisalign conducted by Sedation dentistry does not affect the person wearing it, although many people think it has a huge effect.

Apart from aesthetical functions, Invisalign helps you ease the burden of cleaning your teeth. If you think it’s a good alternative to regular braces, the Invisalign treatment in Coral Gables will help you determine whether you need them.

The Gables family dentistry will conduct a full 3D scan of your teeth and then choose an alignment treatment that works best for you. Invisalign treatment takes around 12 months before the alignment of the teeth is fully achieved.

Your Smile and Self Esteem Are Very Important Things

As you can see, cleaning and flossing with braces is not as easy as people think. Although the alternative is a bit more expensive than braces, it has its perks, especially when it comes to regular maintenance and keeping oral hygiene at a high level.

We’ve shared a couple of tips and tricks on brushing and flossing teeth with braces, but when you think about it, the alternative makes all the extra work unnecessary, and it’s more aesthetically pleasing than having regular braces with wires. 

Both options take around the same time when it comes to perfectly aligned teeth, so it’s only up to you whether you’re comfortable with putting in the extra effort. The other option requires investing a bit more upfront, but you’ll have fewer things to worry about because it’s removable.

Now that we’ve shared a few tips and tricks on brushing and flossing teeth with braces, but an alternative as well, make sure to share this article on social media so more people will know what to expect when getting braces.