Whoever thought that the era of selfies would come in to make smiles better and brighter?  Not us, but given the up close and personal proximity of the camera,  its no surprise at all!

We’re happy to report that the selfies trend has increased the importance of oral hygiene in daily life.  

Recording video selfies while brushing teeth helps improve brushing technique. Studies show that patients take special care to perfect brush strokes and consistency, which ultimately leads to better long-term oral health. Changing the way we brush our teeth takes attention to detail and muscle memory, so videoing while re-training is a big help!

Poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities, to gum disease and to other illness and disease. It’s important to practice healthy habits that not only keep our teeth white, but that keep our overall health in check.  

Don’t forget that coming into the dentist for regular cleanings is essential to good oral cleanliness!  Gables Sedation Dentistry offers the best oral care in the Miami area, and we want nothing more than to keep you healthy and smiling the brightest in all your selfies.  So get brushing, and snap away!