LAVA Crowns and Bridges in Coral Gables, Miami

While aiming for both the best in aesthetic looks and for the overall functionality of the tooth, LAVA Crowns are one of our patients’ top choices. The chance of breaking or chipping these porcelain crowns is less than 1%, which makes them effectively one of the strongest options when it comes to improving your teeth once they have been damaged.

lava crowns

What are LAVA crowns?

LAVA Crowns are teeth overlays that are used in a number of restorative procedures. They can be placed on top of natural teeth and restore their function and aesthetics while visually giving an authentic look. The crowns are made from a Zirconia-porcelain overlay, which makes them impeccably strong and long-lasting.

These crowns are custom made to fit the size of the tooth of the patient while also matching the color of the rest of the teeth so that they won’t look out of place.

In what procedures are LAVA Crowns used?

LAVA Crowns can be used for multiple restorative procedures such as:

  • Restoring broken cusps
  • Covering supporting teeth for dental bridges
  • Giving implants their natural look
  • Protecting a tooth after a root canal procedure

How are LAVA Crowns placed?

There are several steps to the procedure when it comes to placing Lava crowns. First, we trim a very thin layer of your tooth in order to make more room for the thick crown. Once that is done it’s time for a Digital Dental Impressions so that we can scan your tooth and gather all the information needed in order to create a custom-made crown.

This usually takes around 20-30 minutes and is completed while you wait in the waiting room. Once the crown has been made we can place it either temporarily, so that you can get used to it before we cement it in place for good, or we can complete the procedure straight away and attach the crown permanently.

In cases where the tooth has been damaged due to a disease or negligence, we examine the tooth in question and place the crowns after the patient has received adequate treatment.

Benefits of choosing LAVA crowns:

  • They are a good choice when it comes to aesthetics
  • Zirconia-porcelain is one of the strongest materials used in dental restoration
  • The procedure is quick and easy to do
  • There is no need for teeth extractions
  • The crowns can be replaced at any time if needed
  • They are resistant to bacteria

Dental Bridges with LAVA crowns

Bridges are a popular dental prosthesis procedure since they are a very effective way of replacing missing teeth and are more affordable than implants. They consist of an artificial tooth, that is meant to fill the gap, and two or more crowns, that are placed on top of the supporting teeth.

The quality of the crowns directly influences the lifetime of the dental bridge, and nothing comes close to the quality of LAVA crowns used in constructing this prosthesis.


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