The center of a tooth is where dental pulp resides. This pulp is responsible for keeping the tooth healthy and providing it vital nourishment. This pulp is sensitive and can get infected, triggering the decaying process of the tooth and root canal pain. To save the tooth decaying, the treatment of this infected dental pulp is done through a procedure called the root canal therapy. Any infection in the chamber can easily reach the roots, damaging tooth from its core. Therefore early detection of this condition is important for the survival of the tooth. There are a number of symptoms that could point towards decay in the pulp chamber including swelling of gums, highly sensitive teeth to hot and cold, and pain while chewing.

The reason the dental pulp is damaged can be a gum disease, chipped or broken tooth to channel germs or an injury to the face. Root canal procedure involves removal of the decaying pulp and nerve tissue from the chamber so that it can be germ-free. By drilling at the center of the tooth, the dentist will reach the chamber and take out the pulp. It will then be replaced with a biocompatible filling, giving the tooth back its strength. A cap or a crown is placed to repair the damage done during the procedure.


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