Your smile is an important piece of who you are and millions of Americans spend large amounts of money on gaining the perfect smile. From orthodontics to whitening procedures, the process of creating a great smile takes time, maintenance and money, so it is important always to protect the investments you make in yourself. It is imperative for individuals that play any level of athletics to wear mouth guards whenever possible to protect your teeth. The American Dental Association estimates that athletics causes about one-third of all dental related injuries and many can be prevented. Chipped teeth, fractured crowns, broken bridgework, lip, cheek and tongue injuries, root damage, jaw fractures and even concussions can result of athletes not wearing proper mouth guards.

Contact sports like football, hockey, and boxing mandate the use of mouth guards since the likeliness of injury is very high due to collisions and impacts. However, individuals that play other sports that involve a high level of incidental contact like basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey and more are strongly encouraged to wear mouth guards.

Whatever sport you play, most dentists can create custom mouth guards for any sport you play. While store bought mouthguards can be just as effective from a safety standpoint, a custom mouth guard ensures that comfort and functionality are exactly the way you need. At Gables Sedation & Family Dentistry, we offer mouth guards for any athletic endeavor that are customized to the structure of your teeth, lightweight and that do not interfere with speaking or breathing. To schedule your appointment today visit us today at Gables Sedation Family Dentistry.